Limitations and Danger of Online Shopping

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default Limitations and Danger of Online Shopping

Post by JmcOV on Thu Oct 13, 2011 2:30 pm


Scams and internet fraud is no more news in the internet world. Scammers have gone deep online. Millions of dollars are reported every day of the year to be lost by innocent souls. Men and women are duped online every day without any form of comfort in their lives. Since the internet is for all and sundry, excessive exposure to it could be dangerous and risky. The problem with online shopping ranges from A to Z. They are avoidable if they are known. It should be clear that not everybody online is there to buy or sell real products. Some are there for fraud and online scams. I am a victim of such disaster before I learnt my lesson in the hard way. Internet fraud is all over my dear reader.
As earlier quipped, internet fraud is very common on the internet market. Online shopping is characterized with internet catastrophes. Since online shopping in the most popular means of shopping, it is important to note that everybody is now online. Exposure of the internet is now the avenue for some weaklings and indolent people to fraud innocent shopping seekers. One need to be on the watch out against internet fraud when one is sincerely going for online shopping.

Poor network server.

Sometimes in developing countries of the world has poor network provider. It could in such a way limit one’s online shopping in any form. News has made it clear that internet connections are faster than each other; some are very slow while some are time wasters to say.

Goods in transit

Goods might be declared in transit when been tracked on the internet. This is a great limitation. This hinders the buyer to receive the good at the stipulated time. He receives such goods very late at the eleventh hour. It is very common to almost all shops. Steps are on to set everything in the right order.

Currency barrier

Not every country in the world has the same currency. Dollars are popularly used but some countries have no access to dollars. This has limited online shopping in the recent years.
There are limitations. There are dangerous strives. There are perils. Language could also limit online shopping

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