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Post by JmcOV on Thu Oct 13, 2011 2:27 pm

Recent estimate shows that internet business generates over 200 million pounds every year. Since discount has been on the product with minimum tax, paid on each items depend on the area where the stores are located. Since credit card will be used for online business and shopping. There are some internets tycoons that can track credit cards and use its money. There are different ways to play safe in spite the fear that grip the starters. Online shopping is viewed as a game in this respite, therefore play safe.

Stores to buy
Try as much as you could to get a reputable company to buy. Don’t just storm into an unknown online shop to buy anything. Many of the counterfeit sellers display their goods extremely cheap. This doesn’t mean that online items could not be cheap. In fact, they are sometimes very cheap. Don’t ever release out money that would be hard to bear its loss for online shopping for the first time. The first time is a test, check it up.

Seasons for cheap things
Reputable stores give out bonanza and give out cheap things during festive period. During Christmas and New Year etc. are the periods where goods could be found cheap. Any extremely cheap item in an unknown website is worth suspicious in online shopping.

Security of account
If you are shopping online with non-fraud stores, they keep your personal details you filled on their site. It will ever be displayed to the third party. These include your personal information, credit card details and pin and passwords.

Lock logo
Down the site of secured website that is good for online shopping, there is a key lock logo this implies the shopping is safe. Your address cannot be tampered with, there is no point jittering on online shopping.
Contact address and number
Safe online shopping sites most have their contact details fully displayed on the side this ranges from their simplest phone numbers, locations, units and their e-mails. A safe online shopping also have a refund policy for any misappropriation in any form.
Finally, search for the number of year the online shopping. Shopping website has been in operation. Also diligently check for the expiring domain. Short term domains are risky and sometimes fraudsters. Online shopping is the best, but plays safe

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