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Post by wongcilik on Sun Oct 02, 2011 4:04 am

Der Ami Code
What is AMI Code? What is it about?

This remains a secret until the opening! No doubt we have made every effort to keep this secret and we will do our best to ensure that the release of this mystery will be a real firework!

We have hired outside companies with marketing, which themselves know only what you publish. We restricted the group of initiates to a circle of only 3 people and not even media have no chance to approach us.

We can only say : the AMI Code works so well , that we will pay you out in advance 429.000,- Euro, without anyone buys a product. Beside of the 10 Cent for each new partner in your 5x7 Matrix we pay you out further incentives and promotions, so that the the amount easily will be double!

The secret will be revealed at 4 events, all of which are held on the same day in Moskow, Berlin, Madrid and New York. At each event exclusively 2,500 guests each will be invited. These VIP guests can enjoy the firework live! You too can be part of it. With only 25 personal recommendations you receive your VIP Card for free from us! This offer applies only to the first 2,500 VIP guests. So grab this chance at best today!

We would also like to take away your fear about the AMI Code!

Will we take away your downline? No - the AMI Code is perfect to run as a separate business but still more perfect to integrate into an existing and functioning business.

The AMI Codewill change the industry like Skype did with Internet telephony or the EBay with auction trade. We will not be the only ones for a long time after the start but we are the best because we have the advantage and the others and can only copy - and what's even better than the original?

Now you can quite easily earn € 9765.50 by recommending us.. Everything is free and there is no risk. When we publish everything, you can still say "no".

What you do not want is to see at launch is, that all your friends are classified and you have to line in below them!!

There is nothing to lose - but GUARANTEED to earn € 9765.50 and at the start you'll be glad you that you join now and have already started spreading the world!

What would you do with € 9765.50?

It is not enough for a Porsche but a small spa weekend or a short trip would already be there. Whatever you want to do with it - we have already deposited the money for you! With our incentive bonus this amount can turn out twice as fast!

Recommend us 5 times and continue to fill the matrix - so it's yours already!

Don’t waste your time!

Smile Click Here for more detail....


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